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Our recent acquisition of the STERIS Hand Hygiene and Surface Disinfection business has allowed us to revolutionize the way we do business with you. We are now able to provide our comprehensive range of healthcare-specific products and services to US hospitals. Industry-wide known products like Alcare® Plus, Cal Stat® Plus, BactoShield®, CV Medicated® Lotion Soap, Kindest Kare®, Soft ‘N Sure®, and the Coverage® surface disinfection line, are a part of the new DebMed® line.

Through this business transition, DebMed has combined the best-in-class STERIS brands with Deb’s long history of innovation to bring a combined expertise along with new products and technologies to the healthcare industry. With that in mind, our #1 priority is to continue to provide you with the same quality products, customer service, and reliability that you love.

To learn more information about the transition, please refer to the information below.

STERIS Integration FAQ's

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Download a list of Frequently Asked Questions to stay informed about the integration process.

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