DebMed: Get the Upper Hand on MRSA, C. diff and Hand Hygiene Compliance

How It Works

The DebMed System captures all hand hygiene events – beyond just room entry and exit – and provides compliance scores based on the WHO 5 Moments and CDC guidelines.

What it Does:

  • Captures 100% of actual hand hygiene events 24/7/365
  • Hand hygiene event data is transmitted by the 
dispenser and true compliance rates are generated
  • Event data is compared to the number of hand hygiene opportunities that should have occured based on the WHO 5 Moments 
to determine your compliance rate
  • Reports can be accessed securely online or automatically sent to your inbox

Why it Works:

  • Actionable reporting of compliance performance available in real time
  • Dashboard reports allow for comprehensive staff engagement, meaningful huddle 
meetings and lasting culture change
  • No badges to wear that can interfere with work flow
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